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The search is on for the first European Smoke Free Quitter of the Year 2008 who will be awarded the title and holiday vouchers worth 15,000 Euros.

Twelve countries are taking part including the UK and they will all choose a national winner who will win a trip to the Award ceremony in Amsterdam in October 2008.


We are looking for Europeans who quit smoking by 31st January 2008. We need inspirational stories that will inspire others across Europe.

To be eligible to enter you must be over 18 and have quit smoking by 31st January 2008 - whether you quit a week, a month or 10 years before that. Quitters then have to remain smoke free until 31st July.

A UK winner will be selected in August and awarded a free trip to the European final in Amsterdam where one of 12 finalists will be crowned European Smokefree Quitter of the Year and scoop 15,000 Euros holiday vouchers.

To enter the UK competiton or nominate someone, apply on line or ring Quitline 0800 002200 for an application form. Closing date 31st March


At 6am on Sunday 1st July 2007, England become Smoke Free.

England was the last country in the UK to introduce smoke free laws that will lead to thousands of lives being saved and hundreds of thousands of smokers kicking the habit.

For more information, read our Smoke Free Factsheet.


June 2007

Celebrity builder Tommy Walsh has urged smokers to quit and donate the money they save to help build schools in some of the poorest countries around the world.

The new campaign QUIT 2 Build is being launched by QUIT®, the UK charity that helps smokers to stop, and the charity Build A School.

Tommy Walsh Shows His Support For QUIT 2 Build

The campaign is also backed by investigative reporter Donal Mcintyre. Smokers can view his and Tommy’s messages of support, and donate online at

Director of Services at QUIT, Ruth Bosworth said: “Smokers are usually amazed once they work out how much money they have spent on cigarettes over the course of their smoking habit. Those who quit will often treat themselves with some of the money they have saved by not buying cigarettes. By quitting and donating to the QUIT 2 Build campaign, smokers will not only improve their own quality of life, but also that of some of the poorest children in the world.”

Chairman of Build A School, Luke Dolby said “This is a fantastic campaign, where not just the quitter benefits from quitting smoking. The cost of just one packet of cigarettes is enough to buy a 50kg bag of cement for a school abroad. We hope this is an extra incentive to help smokers stay a quitter."

Smokers who want to quit can access free help and advice by calling Quitline 0800 002200, via email or visit


June 2007

Pledge to quit smoking with a friend, and you’ll both be in with a chance of winning a share of £10,000 of holiday vouchers in the Smokefree UK QUIT® Awards 2007 sponsored by NiQuitin. Call Quitline® 0800 002200 to enter.

What better way to celebrate the UK being totally smokefree than by winning holiday vouchers worth a total of £10,000? You and your friend could share a 1st prize of £6,000 of holiday vouchers; 2nd prize £3,000 of holiday vouchers; or 3rd prize £1,000 of holiday vouchers.

The QUIT Awards are run by QUIT, the charity that helps smokers to stop and sponsored by NiQuitin, which offers a range of products to help people quit.

To be eligible to win you must be 16 or over and have quit smoking with a friend and both still be quit by September 30th. If you have already quit with a friend then don’t despair, as you’re also eligible to enter as long as you’re both still smokefree by September 30th.

To register for the 2007 Awards, or for more information, ring Quitline 0800 00 22 00 or apply online. Closing date 31st July 2007. Full details and rules are available online


January 2007

The government is going to raise the legal minimum age for buying tobacco in England and Wales from 16 to 18 years of age.

This will come into force from October 2007, three months after the smoke free legislation is introduced across England on July 1st, and six months after Wales becomes smoke free on April 2nd.

Public Health Minister Caroline Flint announced the move on January 1st.
The governments argues that raising the legal age to 18 will make it easier for retailers to spot under-age smokers.  And that making it the same age as for buying alcohol will reinforce the dangers of smoking to young people.

The new rule will mean England and Wales will have the same age restriction as Canada, Australia. New Zealand and the US

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December 2016

At 6am on Sunday 1st July 2007, England will become Smoke Free. England will be the last country in the UK to introduce smoke free laws that will lead to thousands of lives being saved and hundreds of thousands of smokers kicking the habit.

From 1st July 2007, all offices, factories, shops, pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, public transport and work vehicles that are used by more than one person will be Smoke Free. the new law will also mean that indoor smoking rooms will no longer be allowed and any one wishing to smoke will have to go outside. It also means changes to way promotional goods related to tobacco are on the way.

So what about the rest of the UK - Scotland became Smoke Free in March 2006; Wales will become Smoke Free on Monday 2 April 2007 and Northern Ireland will become Smoke Free on Monday 30 April 2007.

For more information, read our Smoke Free Factsheet.

Are you pleased about this news, or do you think smokers have the right to smoke where they like? Let us know...

November 2016
Website Launch

The truth about smoking will be revealed on when the site created by young people goes live on Wednesday, November 1st.

A thought provoking video, regular competitions, a forum and stop smoking support are all included on which is the new website from QUIT, the charity that helps smokers to stop.

“ Knowing that there are over 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette, including ammonia which is also used in rat poison, is just one of many facts that help young people make an informed choice. We sought the views of hundreds of young people before creating this interactive site." explains Liz Hughes, one of QUIT's youth advisors.

Informative and controversial smoking issues are included on the site. Plus, sections on the effects of smoking on the body, facts and myths and free postcards and stickers.

Young smokers who want to quit will be signposted towards further help and support. They can speak in confidence to a QUIT advisor by ringing Quitlineâ 0800 002200 or they can get email help from is sponsored by Boots. Boots' Community Health Promotion Manager, Sarah Smith, added "Boots is really pleased to be working in partnership with Quit to provide up to date and relevant messages to young people about smoking".

QUIT is the UK charity that has helped over two million smokers. More details about QUIT are available on

In 2006, the Boots Change One Thing Campaign helped 500,000 smokers to quit. Boots also made a commitment to help their own people to stop smoking, and decided to donate the proceeds of their No Smoking Day campaign 2006 to Quit, to help them expand its work with young people

More photos available on request. For more details, please ring Kate Spicer on 0207 553 3267 or Glyn Mcintosh on 0207 553 3266 out of hours 07958795199


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