Q. What are withdrawal symptoms?

A. Symptoms include irritability, restlessness, depression, difficulty concentrating, sleep disruption, hunger and craving for tobacco. The good news is that it means your body is recovering and all the symptoms are temporary and none of them are life threatening, unlike smoking!

Q. Does smoking reduce stress?

A. No, when you stop smoking the effects of nicotine soon wear off and this withdrawal makes you feel tense.

Q. Can I cut up a patch to receive less nicotine?
A. No. All NRT patches provide a controlled amount of nicotine to help protect you from cravings and withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking. If you feel you need less nicotine, step down a strength.

Q. Should I give up and go on a diet at the same time?
A. Evidence suggests that it is better to tackle smoking as your first priority and then tackle the issue of weight gain if you need to.

Q. Does nicotine cause cancer?

A. No. When you light up, nicotine gives you the hit, the rest of the smoke does the damage. There are over 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette including formaldehyde (used to preserve dead bodies); ammonia (used in strong cleaning liquids) and cadmium (a highly poisonous metal used in batteries). Nicotine is not one of the cancer causing agents, it's simply the reason you crave a cigarette. Nicotine in NRT can actually help you to quit smoking.