You may have seen a Quit Because presentation in your school. Quit Because presentations are lively and fun and cover the myths and facts about smoking to the tobacco industry and effects on health and appearance, and we round the presentation off with the ingredients show.

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Sometimes in schools where there are a lot of young people who smoke, we will also provide stop smoking groups.Quit Because counselors run the stop-smoking groups for a small group of young people who wish to quit.

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Through all of our services, we hope to provide help and resources to teachers and youth workers. This is achieved through our Quit Because youth materials – resources available to help discuss the issue further with young people.

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Meet the team

Anne Susi Farnworth

Head of Youth Services
\Hayley Hayley Millard

Youth Presenter Advisor for the West Midlands

Alison Walsh

Youth Presenter Advisor for London and the South East