• Health Effects
  • The cost of smoking
  • Ingredients in a cigarette
  • The effect on your looks
  • Sexual health
  • The truth on Shisha
  • Enviromental effects
  • The tobacco industry

Breathless TV is the new online interactive education resource brought to you by QUIT® - the charity that aims to prevent cancer. Everyday 450 children start smoking! Change young people’s attitudes and increase knowledge of the dangers of smoking with Breathless TV!

This inventive resource provides facts on the dangers of smoking in the style of young people’s favourite TV programmes.

"This QUIT resource is an up-to-date and informative resource which will support young people in understanding the risks around smoking. It is pitched at a level which will engage students without appearing condescending. It makes use of cultural references which will appeal to young people and the balance of humour and educational information helped maintain students interest whilst informing them in a way which should help prevent them from starting to smoke or help them reflect on their own lifestyle and begin to make changes." - Michelle Johnston, PSHE Teacher - Aylesford School, Maidstone, Kent


Breathless TV has been created for QUIT in conjunction with PSHE teachers and will be available from September 2014. Use this fantastic, 55 minute long resource with lesson plans as part of your PSHE curriculum. This resource can be used as a whole or modules and is suitable for KS3, 4 and 5.


View the trailer and buy this resource today for the September term.
Costs less than £1 per pupil (based on 750 pupils in Ks3,4 and 5)
Usually £400, but for this month only BUY NOW FOR ONLY £300 you will get
3 months full access, lesson plans and posters
For more information, please contact QUIT's Head of Youth Services at
QUIT is the UK national charity which helps smokers to quit smoking and prevents young people from ever starting. Quit Because our youth service was established in 1994 and since then has worked with over 1 million young people in schools across the UK. Breathless TV – Created by Minamonfilm. Web design and development by digital marketing agency Passion Digital.